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Thursday, June 3, 2010

BT - Da Jesus Book

Ok, so as pastor, I have the opportunity to meet some great people.  Last month, I had the opportunity to meet Wade Remer from Wycliffe Bible Translators helping them with their "Mobiles 4 Missions" project (turn in your old cell phones which they cash in for money to help support translating the Bible into new languages across the globe).  As an example of the work that Wycliffe has completed, Wade sent me a copy of "Da Jesus Book":
Da Jesus Book: Hawaii Pidgin New Testament
You can check it out online @
Here is an example of John 3:16:
16“God wen get so plenny love an aloha fo da peopo inside da world, dat he wen send me, his one an ony Boy, so dat everybody dat trus me no get cut off from God, but get da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva."
How fun is that?!
Per our discussion on Translations and Paraphrases, what do you think?
Personally, I think it serves as a great example of translation theory in action.  See chapter 3 in:The Inclusive-Language Debate: A Plea for Realismfor more information on Translation theory as it applies across the globe (not just English)

I truly appreciate Wycliffe's pursuit of bringing the Bible to the heart language of the people all across the world.  The Hawaiian Pidgin New Testament is a fun read.  Enjoy!

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