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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bible Cycle Step 1

Okay . . Here we go!
As we begin the 'Bible Cycle' Study Method, allow me to provide an outline of what is ahead.

  • I will be outlining each step each week to allow time to practice that specific step.  
    • For example purposes, we will journey through the book of 1 John together.
  • In between steps, I will be addressing certain issues and tools to help you with your Bible Study.  
    • Issues involve presuppositions, biases, communication theory, etc
    • Tools will include discussions on outlining, genres, color coding, meditation mapping, and more
  • We will be doing this in bite-size chunks
    • "How do you eat an elephant?"
      • "One bite at a time"!
Okay!  Here is the Bible Cycle Step One:
1.  Read the whole book
  1. Sit down and read all of 1 John in one sitting.
    • This should take around 20-30 minutes
Okay - more coming tomorrow.  Bite-size chunks . . . 
Enjoy your reading!!

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